Reno Businesses Can Dominate Local Search Engine Results (Part 5 of 6)

Part 5 of 6 – Reno SEO Expert* Shares Some Phase 1 “Secrets of Local Google Dominance”

It’s Not That Hard If You Understand a Few Basic SEO Ingredients

The 5 Most Important Tips for the Do-It-Yourself SEO-preneur or Small Business Owner

For this mini-article, we will look at 5 areas of basic SEO concepts (Tip 5 below). These are important to business who wants a local, top-performing search engine presence. By faithfully following this approach you will improve your Search Engine Rankings giving you superior Local Search Engine Results.

Tip 5 of 6) Time  and Commitment yields the best local search engine results:

It seems like all things in life take persistence and local search engine results are no different.

When it comes to improving your local search ranking or even regional search engine results, you need what I call the “Time-Drive Machine” and the “SEO Ranking Equation” to succeed.

Part “fire in the belly” and part commitment to your business or endeavor, you need to combine these 2 elements or passion and commitment to make progress and achieve a degree of success with local search engine marketing (SEM) to achieve local search engine ranking results. This is true whether you live and work in Reno, Nevada as I do, or want to attract local customers in your community in Seattle, Susanville or Salem…  the same principles apply.

I have this little silly equation I like to use to demonstrate my point: C+Tx$=R (Commitment plus Time multiplied by Ratio of Resources equals Results). As you can see see it all adds up to results. The questions is how much time and commitment do you have? If you don’t have a lot Time but a solid Commitment then you need more Resources. If you have few Resources but a little Time and lots of Commitment you can still get Results, especially over a longer period (1 hour a week = 52 hours a year… you can get a lot done in 52 hours!).

So it’s pretty easy. Just like walking but you have to take each step to get to your destination.

Coming next: “Conclusion: Top Ranking Local Search Engine Results Are What You Want”. Date for next post will be June, 2010 (Assuming we don’t have any more health or business challenges that impede our flow… Keeping it positive.)

*Reno SEO Expert. A paid professional who can provide measurable results and demonstrate ROI for promised SEO services and also be able to share success stories for past clients they have worked with.

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