Content Management Systems (CMS)

Easily Manage and Gain Control of Your Website

In non-technical language, CMS is simply an integrated website / publishing system that allows you to easily change, add or delete the various elements of your website (headlines, pictures, stories, pages, documents, files, downloads, etc). The real benefit is that non-technical users using a CMS can create and maintain fully functional websites with very little training.

Browser-Based Content Authoring

Content Management Systems (CMS) generally include everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful, flexible website. They are fully featured, and whether a commercial content management software solution or Open Source option, they have all been developed by usability experts and most include the following features:

  • Point-and-click editing
  • Rich text formatting in a Word-like interface
  • Paste from Microsoft Word
  • Add lists and links
  • Upload, insert & resize images
  • Change text colors
  • Change font size and family
  • Switch to full screen editing
  • Align and justify paragraphs
  • Complete undo/redo support
  • Advanced users can edit HTML

Our Web-based CMS options make it easy for you to keep your web site up to date

The days of asking a web designer to update your site are over. You don’t like the cost or the delay and they don’t like the endless updates that keep them from their design work.

Our focus on usability makes it easy to make changes to your site. With a CMS site, you’ll make your content changes with edits, deletions or additions – all without having to  learn HTML code.

Advanced features allow your marketing teams to re-use content throughout the site, prioritize shared content on a page-by-page basis, create an unlimited number of page layouts, easily manage calls to action that create effective pathways throughout your Website, and lead users to desired actions on the Website.

The CMS platforms we fully support

  • WordPress. A popular and easy-to-learn Open Source Blogging Platform with numerous free plugins and an active and robust online support community. Received CMS of the Year award in 2009. Limitations are large e-commerce use. This site was made using WordPress.
  • Perch. A small and lightweight commercial CMS that allows easy edits. Software does not support page additions. No E-commerce integration except through 3rd party subscription.
  • Contribute. Commerical CMS software developed and sold by Adobe Software. Works well with PHP sites and those developed in Dreamweaver. (We will also support Dreamweaver website development when requested.)
  • Drupal. Open Source Social Media/Information Platform with numerous free plugins and a very active and robust online support community. Excels at information and people networks. Lacking in e-commerce integration.
  • Joomla. A very poplular Open Source Platform with a wide selection of free plugins and paid plugins. Active and robust online support community. Well-rounded CMS and works well with proven ecommerce and blogging plugins.
  • Magneto. A new and rising star in the CMS arena. This is a commercial solution that was designed from the ground up for the latest e-commerce technologies.
  • Interspire. On the scene since 2003, this company offers many CMS systems for Web publishing, ecommerce, email marketing and information management. Generally a solid performer. New pricing makes it a solid contender in today’s CMS market.

Key Features of our Content Management Systems

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Versioning and Instant Roll-back
  • Reusable Content
  • External RSS Feeds
  • Workflow Approval process
  • Designate Protected/Secure Areas
  • Standards Based – W3C, XHTML & CSS
  • Multi-Level Administrative Access Permissions for Users & Groups
  • Customizable page names and tags for search engine optimization
  • Rapid landing page development for pay-per-click marketing campaigns
  • Integrated to Google or other web analytics for continuous tracking of marketing effectiveness


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