Do Good And Prosper

Marketing, Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce, Web Development

We use acronyms like SEO, SEM and CMS to describe our services. We use these systems and techniques to create innovative strategies for your marketing – always integrating your e-commerce, Web and your traditional branding and marketing needs.

Along the way, we share our knowledge. That’s part of our “doing good and prospering” core value: we promised ourselves from day-one that we would always remember to give you the information you need to succeed. We share, we teach and we coach you in today’s multi-dimensional marketing strategies.

Creative, Talented, Professional

Our clients will tell you that we’re creative and talented and professional and lots of other flattering things that make us blush. (You can read their testimonials if you like that sort of thing.) We do our best to live up to all of those expectations. We’re marketing, design, SEO and media devotees.

But we come to the office every morning reminding ourselves of the reason we started Integris Marketing. We had a vision. We still do, of working toward positive change, of being the change we want to see the in the world and helping our clients be their vision of change, too.

Walking Lightly in the World – with a Competitive Edge

As we put our marketing skills and talents to work for you, we think you’ll be surprised at the new paradigm we create: We’re competitive. We like to win. We work hard to market our clients to top-of-the-hill positioning. We also believe we can get you there with grace and good will.

Sound like the kind of people and the kind of company you’d like to work with? Call us for a consultation or just a phone chat. We like challenges. The number: 775-322-3663 or 800-233-0239.

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