Tell Your Story In a Way That People Can Understand

Using pictures, words and information that people want to read to help them with their decision to buy

Having the right materials to promote your product or service can often make or break your sales. Consumers want to get the information they need, but you have to deliver it in a way that will catch their attention, influence their decision and ultimately motivate them to purchase from you. Modern Creative brings together the right combination of collateral materials to support your sales efforts with distinction. From product benefits, to special offers, to contact information, we’ll help you cover all the bases and watch your sales figures soar.

But what exactly is “Sales Collateral” anyway?

The traditional definition of Sales Collateral is the printed and electronic (PDFs, websites and web pages) materials that support the sales effort, and includes materials such as advertisements, direct mail, sales sheets, brochures, posters, PowerPoint presentations, promotional items, and more. The important concept is that these materials support the sales process, build credibility and give additional information to prospective buyers to help influence their buying decision. Words, pictures, facts, charts, data tables, diagrams, testimonials, and so on, can all have their place within a piece of Sales Collateral.

Sales Collateral is for Business to Business
AND Business to Consumer Communications

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer communications must go beyond the ordinary brochure these days. The buying-decision-making process now relies heavily on product information that is relevant to the reader. Pictures, story, specifications, features, performance data, application capabilities and more all add to the presentation and can make or break the credibility of your product or service. And we understand that!

We use visual design as a catalyst — to capture the reader’s imagination while directing their eye to carefully prepared and on-target copy.

Ultimately, words must communicate the details — to invite, inspire and persuade.

When properly executed, printed materials can change the way people think. And we like that…

Integris Marketing provides comprehensive services for the development and production of all sales collateral whether it’s printed or distributed online.

  • Graphic design and layout (Full Color, BW, Spot Color, Online, Kiosks, etc)
  • Copywriting / Copy Editing
  • Technical and Whimsical Illustration
  • Photo Selection, management or creative direction
  • Creative mock-ups and comprehensive layouts (“comps”)
  • Strategic Campaign development
  • Pre-press proofing and film/digital file prep
  • On-press print management / Press-Checks


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