We LOVE Referrals!

Earn Cash or Get A Discount on Work We Do For You

Earn some gratitude… Our deepest gratitude!

Referrals are a wonderful thing. We get to meet wonderful people who are introduced to us by happy clients.

Because we think so highly of this way of meeting clients we think it is worth rewarding those who refer us.

For the occasional Good Will referral you can pick one options below:

Option 1: CASH BACK

  • Receive 5% of a referred client’s first job total.*

Option 2: 5% DISCOUNT on your current design project

  • Receive a 5% discount on current invoices with Integris Marketing.*

Option 3: 10% DISCOUNT on your future design projects

  • Receive a 10% discount on future work with Integris Marketing.*

Have a Lots of Referrals?

Great! We also have a plan for that too.

Essentially it becomes more of a commission situation and you have the opportunity to earn ongoing income from a clients projects as well as a higher percentage of the job total. For more information just fill out the form below.

Referral Program

We would love to hear from you about our referral program! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • All referral rewards are calculated from totals for consultation services, design, copywriting and production services only. (Excludes totals for 3rd party fees or subscriptions)
  • Only one referral reward is allowed per current or future invoice if the discount option is selected.
  • Rewards that will be applied toward future work with Integris Marketing must be used within 1 year of referral.
  • Referred parties must pay project totals in full prior to cash distribution or discount allocation.
  • Cash rewards will be distributed between 30 and 60 days after final payment by referred party.
  • This offer may be amended or revoked at any time without prior notification.

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