In-Bound Link Building

Once Overlooked, Link Building is Today’s SEO “Boost”

The links to your website are important to high search engine rankings. In fact, many Web professionals insist that inbound links (links TO your site) are some of the most important factors in determining your ranking.

If you want high search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines, then your Website must have many high-quality, inbound links.

Powerful In-Bound Link-Building Tools

Integris Marketing offers powerful link-building tools and systems. We utilize proprietary software that is continually updated and tested in real-world applications.

Every Business Needs High-Quality In-Bound Links

Why do links count so highly in your PageRank factor?  It’s a simple principle: if page A links to page B, then search engines see that as a recommendation from page A to page B. So, the more links (“recommendations”) that point to your Website, the better your rankings.

High Quality Links vs. Harmful Links

Inbound links do not all hold the same value. Some will do you a LOT of good; some will do a bit of good; some will actually hurt your rankings. We help our clients build high quality links – the ones that will give your site a search engine boost. We help you avoid those that are harmful.

How Integris Marketing Builds High Quality Links

We work with you.

  • We’ll train you to build your own links. If you want help in researching and building your in-bound links, we can work with that.
  • We’ll build the links for you. If you don’t have the time or desire to research and build inbound links, we can step in and help by doing this time-consuming work for you.

As with all of our services here at Integris Marketing, our work is customized to your business needs and resources.


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