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We believe we have a better approach to PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising than most companies. We like to call it “Active and Dynamic Account Management”.

And while it’s true that big search engines make “paid search” easy enough for almost anyone to do… Doing it right takes strategy, thought, and attention… Plus the experience of human involvement.

What that means is we use technology and temper it with human intelligence to make sound and informed decisions…  decisions that affect your paid search campaigns and your advertising dollars.

While some agencies are content to let campaigns run on autopilot, we use our intelligence first and technology second. Technology and automation are our tools, not our gods.

Get More ROI from Your PPC Campaign

We provide competitively priced pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management that allows you to decrease ad spending while increasing visitors sales and return on your investment (ROI).

Our PPC management solutions provide everything you need to succeed in the sponsored ad market.

Stop stressing over your account and ad spending and let us manage your account for you. We understand that you don’t have time to be fussing over the details and would rather have a campaign that will be hassle-free yet highly effective.

Every Aspect of Your Adwords Campaign is Optimized

We fully optimize every aspect of your online ad campaign(s). Every search network and content network ad is built by humans (not machines) and managed for maximum conversion, not just clicks. This ensures you get the full value of your advertising dollars. Our ad management professionals will help you improve conversion rates and your ROI. Our search engine marketing, sponsored ad services provide you with regular accurate reporting (analytics), responsive campaign management the success you desire.

Pay Per Click Campaign Services Include

  • Set-up: This includes comprehensive keyword research. This ensures your PPC campaigns will be effective at delivering high-quality, targeted traffic to your site. This research helps us organize your campaigns effectively to produce the most clicks for the least amount of money, and most importantly—higher conversions.
  • Monthly Management: We monitor every ad created to ensure it is producing the best possible results. We tweak and refine for better conversions and implement or adjust landing pages for better conversions and performance. Your ads are managed in such a way as to ensure you get the best and most profitable rankings that produce the greatest return on investment. We also perform ongoing A/B ad testing to ensure each ad group is getting the best possible click-thru rate while always seeking the most targeted traffic possible.
  • Landing Pages: In order to maximize your ROI even further, we recommend, and can implement or optimize, your unique landing pages that facilitate maximum conversions of site visitors.

Our Google qualified team will manage your account from the intial interview and account set up to the finished product.

And though we do all the heavy lifting, we strictly follow your ad budget. We can also add, remove, replace or adjust ads as required to meet your cost per conversion goals.

You will gain long-term return on investment growth as your campaign is tracked and optimized for maximum performance.

Contact us for a quote and complimentary consultation for Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management.

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