Logos and Branding: Your Business Identity

Does your company’s logo stand out among your competitors? Could it use a tune-up to give it a contemporary look?

Your logo is more than just a graphic symbol. It is your company’s visual identity and represents all that your company stands for.

If your brand is effective, a visual image will come to mind when someone thinks about your product or service.

When you think of a successful brand, you think of their logo.

We know that creating an effective brand image and logo for your business is one of the pillars of business success.

At Integris, we have the experience and expertise to build a brand image that will set you apart from your competitors and create brand recognition in the eyes of current and future customers.

A Green Brand?

So where does the eco-friendly and socially responsible aspect of a business come into play?

In every aspect!

With an ever-growing “green” awareness in the buying audience, we believe that any business will gain a competitive advantage and success by injecting sincere environmental and social integrity into their brand.

And who is better suited to perform the green branding task than a firm that actually practices what they preach.

Branding Portfolio

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