Print Advertising & Online Advertising

They still work if you know what you’re doing

Simply put, Integris Marketing’s print and online advertising (marketing vehicles, or piplelines, if you will) help get your messages to the right audience at the right time — in the right context.

Print Advertising

Many believe that online advertising is the new face of evil for the printing industry.

This misconception stems from the idea that online advertising could someday eliminate the need for print. What we think is that many people fail to realize that printed materials continue to be a mainstay of our everyday lives.

The paper or inks may change but print is here to stay!

In our view, advertising in print media enhances and reinforces the newer media opportunities, including online advertising.

This makes it more effective and more integrated with the marketing mix, and thus adds to the overall depth of penetration while increasing brand awareness.

Direct mail and other print advertising helps drive customers into action in a tried and true format that everyone is familiar with. Though a little dated, according to a 2004 United States Post Office report, print produces results:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers look at and/or read their direct mail.
  • 32% of households feel that direct mail adds value and helps in running their home.
  • 39% of households have ordered products and services from their home, based on information from direct mail.
  • 50% of households have ordered products from catalogs.

Let’s face it, with telemarketing restrictions like the ‘Do Not Call’ list and email SPAM concerns growing; don’t direct mail and other print marketing strategies just make plain sense? Even TV advertising has become less effective with digital video recorders (DVR’s) allowing consumers to skip over commercials.

Those who fear the demise of print fail to realize that without the aid of print driving consumers, these new forms of media are ineffective.  Here at Integris Marketing, we see the longevity of print. We do not fear the growing popularity of new forms of media, but instead see the important role print plays in supporting these new forms of media and driving consumers to action.

Online Advertising

Integris Marketing offers a broad range of online programs designed to help you reach decision-makers and potential buyers at every stage of the purchase process, from consumers to niche enthusiasts and collectors. From wine officianados to the latest in Green Technology. We get the word out to your audience.

Opportunities include a broad range of contextually targeted ad positions, sponsorships, webcasts, streaming video ads, Podcasts, lead generation programs, eCommerce initiatives, email direct marketing and custom content development.

Benefits for Any Advertising Program include:

  • Brand and product awareness to highly targeted, self-selected audiences
  • Delivery on performance-based metrics
  • Generation of sales leads
  • Distribution of sales and educational materials
  • Increased product sales

Integris Marketing’s creative services are happy to create a broad range of custom advertising pieces and have the capability to include any number of promotional pieces in an integrated media program.

Promotional and Advertising Services Inlude:

  • Advertorials
  • Custom Tech Briefs and white papers
  • Custom video
  • Custom web sites
  • Custom integrated sponsorship opportunities
  • Custom webcasts
  • And much more. . .

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