Affordable Web Maintenance Packages

Get the web support you need at prices you can afford.

We all need a break when it comes to web site maintenance whether you are a big and successful business or a smaller entrepreneur .

So when you need a little support on a regular basis, then our package deals are the way to go. But “Why?” you ask…

It’s the same as when you change your oil… You don’t need a Porsche mechanic. First of all they don’t want to do it, and more importantly, you don’t want to pay them Porsche Mechanic rates for something a regular Joe can do.

The same applies to web sites. You don’t need a high end designer or experienced web programmer to implement little edits. You just need to get it done at a price you can afford. Now you can with our affordable web maintenance packages.

Read on for more info!

Month-to-Month, No Contracts Required

  • 2 hours: $99/mo
  • 4 hours: $189
  • 6 hours: $289
  • 8 hours: $389
  • 10 hours: $489

Custom Contract Packages (2 hour minimum per month)

  • 3 month contract: $45 per hour per month
  • 6 month contract: $40 per hour per month
  • 9 month contract: $35 per hour per month
  • 12 month contract: $30 per hour per month

Prepaid Web Maintenance Services Include:

  • Add and/or remove: pages, text (content), links, images
  • Install & configure WordPress widgets & other WP apps
  • Upgrades: WordPress, plug-in’s, security, bug fixes
  • Site performance testing: verify link & page functionality; web security
  • Install & monitor Google Analytics
  • Monthly visitor reports
  • Email configuration
  • Archiving content
  • Database back-up: emailed to client
  • Recommendations for upgrades/improvements
*Turnaround Time: 1-2 business days
*Rush, weekend, or holiday service: $50 one time charge
*Additional time: $75/hour for non-contract packages; for Contract Packages, the hourly rate of the Contract.
*Unused time does not roll over to the new month (applies to all packages)
*Packages do not include any services listed in “Additional Services” below

Additional Website Development, Design and Web Content Services

  • Graphic design support: layout changes; image procurement; image scanning, resizing, & optimization; color & font optimization; logo refinement
  • Tech support: troubleshooting; problem fixes from previous developers; programming (e.g. Flash, database,, php, cf, html); script fixes & installs
  • Website/blog customization & makeovers
  • Marketing & SEO support
  • Copywriting & article/content procurement
  • Database creation & management
  • eCommerce (shopping cart install, management, maintenance)
  • Top level creative and strategic planning
  • Google Adwords or other online marketing / advertising

(Rates vary depending on complexity of service. Range is $75 – $150/hour)

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