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Personal Marketing that’s Still Viable After All These Years

E-Marketing is one of your best, personal marketing tools on the Web. We integrate it with your marketing strategy to reach new customers, build customer connections and to create a one-on-one dialogue. We use it because it works, and when done right, becomes a valuable resource for both you and your customers.

Email Promotions, Email Templates, Email BlastsOur Email Marketing Strategies Work to:

  • Drive direct sales to your door
  • Create a loyal customer base, and develop trust
  • Develop relationships for long-term and repeat sales
  • Customize your message to the various segments of your audience
  • Integrate e-marketing promotions with corresponding landing pages on your Website
  • Position yourself and your company as industry experts and leaders
  • Support sales, market sales and events and drive traffic to your doors and your Website.
  • Track your customers’ need and desires, with detailed reports of open and click-through rates

No matter how clever we get with Twitter and Facebook and other public media, E-mail marketing remains the most personal tool in your Internet marketing toolbox.

How Do We Know that Email Marketing Works?

The Proof’s in the Documentation. We’d like to share some recent surveys with you.

  • The Ad Effectiveness Survey commissioned by Forbes Media in Feb/March 2009 revealed that email and e-newsletter marketing are considered the second-most effective tool for generating conversions, just behind SEO (reference).
  • A November 2009 survey of B2B marketers found that email marketing was likely to see more spending increase than any other form of online marketing, second only to Website development (report).

Modern Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing is a contemporary and powerful promotional tool that incorporates a ton of nifty technology. Here are just a few of the things you can do with email marketing.

  • Database integration
  • List segmentation
  • Pre-scheduled delivery
  • Analysis of open and click-through rates
  • A/B testing
  • On-the-fly customized email based on individual profiles
  • And so much more!

Plus every email campaign you send out generates actionable data you can use to refine your approach to future messages. All in all, a pretty good way of going about your marketing business!

Ready to launch an effective email marketing for your business?

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