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What is Social Media?

Social Media is a conversation with thousands of people (millions even!) talking at once. Social Media platforms include giants like Facebook, Blogs, Blog catalogs and Twitter, all of which rise and fall in popularity. What remains is the conversation.

What Can Social Media Do for Your Business?

That depends. It depends on your business, your customer base, your resources, and goals. At Integris Marketing, we know what social media can do, but also we also know it must be customized to work well for you. One size does NOT fit all. We’ll advise you on the media that will perfom best for you. We’ll steer you away from any that will waste your time.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Social Media strategy
  • Consultation and training
  • Hands-on social networking (We’ll do it for you.)
  • Creation of pages, sites, profiles, links, as applicable

Social Media Grants You Access to an Untapped Audience

The magic of social media is that it magnifies your work. If you’re in the right venues and are positively and consistently active, you can leverage your content, connections, and community following to create solid lead generation and conversion. When done right, your Web site (whether blog or static site) will become the net that captures what comes in via your social media activity.

Integris Marketing Can Help You With These Social Media

Blogging – (Including RSS feeds, micro-blogging efforts such as Twittter and Tumblr) Content is King and that makes your blog a powerhouse. Blogging enhances all forms of content creation, supports SEO, drives search traffic and enables the start of connection and community in the form of comments and conversation.

Social Bookmarking and News – Social news and bookmark sites live to promote ideas and reward the creators of those ideas for creativity and consistency. If you can generate the content, the reward can be dramatically increased site traffic.

Social Networking – (ecademy, Facebook, mySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Jigsaw, Ryze, etc) Networking is networking whether online or in person and the benefits are similar. We’ll get you out there looking sharp, shaking (virtual) hands, and exchanging ideas and business cards. We’ll show you how to enter the social networking arena with professionalism and pizzazz.

Visual and Audio Social Networking – YouTube, other video sharing sites, podcasts, photo-sharing – All can be used as part of your social marketing, tying back to your networking, blogging and e-marketing efforts.

Build Your Own Social Network – In the new micro-niche online communities, you can start your own network! Done right it can be a powerful credibility enhancer and brand builder.

The Hidden Benefit of Social Media Engagement

Social Media can help with your SEO because of built-in link-building opportunities. And since inbound links are currently a cornerstone of successful SEO, Social Media becomes an important tool in the SEO toolbox.

One of the services we provide is effective linking through social media networks (as well as traditional link-building activities). Through the social media environment you have the ability to increase your search engine performance while drawing highly-targeted traffic to your site.

Because Social Media networks usually provide contextually relevant links, this has the potential to boost your site’s performance on the search engines. We believe that a solid Social Media marketing plan will create a solid foundation for all your online marketing efforts as well as long-term benefits that will withstand search engine algorithm updates as well as the usual competitor advancements.

Our Social Media In-Bound Link-Building Services Include:

  • Development of client-side marketing strategies
  • Management of your link campaign
  • Thorough research to find the most valuable link audience
  • Tracking of new incoming links
  • Directory submissions

Want to learn more about creating a Social Media strategy for your business?

Contact us today at 775.322.3663 or 800.233.0329, or email us, and we’ll get you started.

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