Green Web Hosting

100% Solar-Powered for Clients Want a Greener Footprint

Integris Marketing in conjunction with Integris Hosting is proud to offer hosting in a solar powered data center for business and corporate web hosting needs where our clients’ servers run on 100% solar power, not energy credits.

Integris Marketing supports efforts to preserve our natural resources and the environment that sustains life on on our little blue planet. We believe that Solar-Powered Web Hosting is a viable option for a dirty industry with huge power requirements.

A Greener Brighter Future for the Dirty Internet Industry

Did you know that most internet server farms and data centers operate using massive amount of Coal-Powered produced electricity?

Well there is another option now and many businesses and industry leaders are embracing this technology.

We believe that future generations will also be able to take advantage of this technology and that it will ultimately help humanity to attain the dream of a healthy and sustainable life… both globally and locally.

Integris Marketing is committed to supporting this goal by seeking to combine current innovations in technology with environmentally sound business practices and believes that greater eco-efficiency for web hosting technology takes advantage of the new energy efficient AMD servers and provides a greater added value… one with more intrinsic value than simply a better price.

A Greener Solar Powered Hosting Solution For a Greener Business Footprint

Our green internet web hosting solution makes it possible for you and your business to become part of the environmental solution, and not be part of the problem.

Call us today or go to Integris Hosting to learn more about this clean green and easy way to make your business have a smaller carbon footprint.

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