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Branding for Your Small Business

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Your company brand tells your story. Your design, colors, and media display your style and your voice in the industry. Your website is often the face of your company – especially in today’s multi-dimensional market; branding requires more than just a logo. Design and functionality are extremely important, but you also need an experienced, caring company to get your brand noticed by the world.

Integris Marketing strives to exceed all your web needs. We specialize in more than just web design, we have the largest selection of services for the small business community, and we understand the journey a small business takes.

We will be blogging with tips and helpful information, weekly, that you can actually use in your daily business life. We are here to help – building success for your business is our business.

If you are interested: more on our Marketing Services.

Any Reno Marketing Experts Out There? You Bet!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Reno…The “Biggest Little City”… (for Marketing? Web Design? Social Media? Networking? You decide!)

Quite a distinctive moniker don’t you think? It brings up all manner of fun interpretations. And with that, there comes many potential spin-offs for all kinds of industries.

All you have to do is fill in the blank… “Reno: The Biggest Little <fill in the blank>”

And in this Reno-centric mini-blog post about marketing, I am going to list ten of the fun marketing-related phrases I have heard over time. Here goes:

  1. Reno: The Biggest Little Marketing Metropolis
  2. Reno: The Biggest Little Social Media Savvy Area
  3. Reno: The Biggest Little Networking Community
  4. Reno: The Biggest Little Web Design Town
  5. Reno: The Biggest Little PR Haven
  6. Reno: The Biggest Little Copywriting Culture
  7. Reno: The Biggest Little Promotional City
  8. Reno: The Biggest Little Traditional Media City
  9. Reno: Home of the The Biggest Little Advertising Agency (or Agencies since since there are some many per-capita)
  10. Reno: The Biggest Little Center for SEO & SEM

Reno Has It: Tremendous Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design Copywriting & Professional Promotion Opportunities… all right here in the “Biggest Little City”

Maybe not all that interesting to some folks… but what I do think it represents, is the idea that this area (Reno, Sparks, Truckee Meadows, Lake Tahoe) has tremendous talent and so many marketing and creative professionals for web design, graphic design, promotion, copywriting and even professional sales, all in a relatively small geographic area.

A real smorgasbord of options for local business no matter their size or budget.

Reno is definitely the place to be if you are looking for lots of options when it comes to finding a professional, or team of professionals, to help promote a business either online or with traditional media.

Reno: The Biggest Little City for Marketing Opportunities (and some of the nicest people you could want to meet).

(A special heart-felt kudos to all the amazing marketing minds and creative souls out there who really do make business sing… It is a wonder to behold all this talent!)

This Makes My Day – A “Green Shipping” article we helped a client with…

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

You work hard, you learn things, and over time you get better at what you do… and there is a sense of satisfaction in that.

Sometimes clients rave, sometimes not, and sometimes things just click and you don’t even know it… all while you are busy in the trenches doing what needs to be done and busily doing the best you can.

Then something like this pops into our email “in box” that makes us all smile. It’s an affirmation of why we do what we do and why we do it.

The background is this: Client (Creative Coverings)had been doing some experimenting with some new shipping bags for returning fabric and linen rentals from large events. They were trying to lower the cost of the process as well as the carbon footprint of the return shipping process. Then voila! They came up with the idea of reusable Return Shipping Duffel Bags that could be easily reused and would still work with the UPS bulk processing shipping system. The light bulb went on and they roughed out an article and handed it to us for review. Well we took that article and polished it up so it was fit for media consumption, and then the buzz, excitement and kudos came rolling in! Here is what the client sent us to let us know what had happened.

I just wanted to say thank you to Christian, Judith and Blair for all of your efforts with the Green Shipping Service article.  I sent out to NNBW, RGJ, Catersource, Rental Management, Special Events, ISES, and Entrepreneur this morning.  The response has been fantastic.  NNBW is running on Monday and complimented on what a well written article it was, along with mentioning that he (NNBW Editor) thinks we could get some national exposure with this one.

Lisa Hurley, the editor of Special Events Mag thought it was great and Rental Management is going to come by the ARA booth to see the bag. –

So this morning I sit a little higher and straighter in my chair with a sense that we do actually make a difference from time to time… Maybe more than we know.

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