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Reno Businesses Can Dominate Local Search Engine Results (Part 6 of 6 – Conclusion)

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Part 6 of 6 – Reno SEO Expert* Shares Some Phase 1 “Secrets of Local Google Dominance”

It’s Not That Hard If You Understand a Few Basic SEO Ingredients

The Conclusion to the 5 Most Important Tips for the Do-It-Yourself SEO-preneur or Small Business Owner

  • For this mini-article, we will look at 5 areas of basic SEO concepts (Conclusion below: ). These are important to business who wants a local, top-performing search engine presence. By faithfully following this approach you will improve your Search Engine Rankings giving you superior Local Search Engine Results.

The final Tips and Summary: Top Ranking Search Engine Results Are What You Want

There are lots of SEO tips and tools to keep everything moving forward for real-world and effective search engine ranking results.

If you can incorporate these basic principles I have outlined in the previous blog posts, build on them over time, consistently implement the strategies (schedule it), and use the Right SEO Technology and you will achieve Dominance in the Local Search Engine Results.

I have seen these principles prove themselves time and again and am amazed at how fast local businesses can get to the first page of Google by following the tips I outlined. Often within 1,2 or 3 months for some basic keywords. Then just use the formula for other keywords and over time you will climb the ranks.

As my final piece of “Great SEO Tips for Small Businesses” I give you the following list of more actionable items.

  • Register with local search engines, local directories and social media portals (Think Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Ask, and TrueLocal and many others. They all want your info so they can give the best results to the people who use their service and so they can sell more advertising!) Also be sure to use Craig’s list, Insdier pages and many other local sales and review directories.
  • Put your business name and local terms in you page titles — (not non-descript terms such as “Home page”,  “About”, “Welcome” , etc. My example is Integris Marketing | Reno Marketing Firm | Reno Graphic Design
  • Now do the same thing with your HI and H2 tags (especially using the local terms)
  • Then do the same thing with your body copy (more local terms with the service or product offered)
  • Put a Google or Yahoo or Mapquest generated map on your website with your street address… really super for local search results (just go to Google maps
  • How’s your InfoUSA listing? Or Dun & Bradstreet? Go check to make sure they are current and have your correct address, web link, etc.
  • Local News? Well you can’t compete with local papers or local info or entertainment portals, but you can add local content that is relevant to your business or your favorite causes. If you have a local mailing address where your business lives.. add that too! (On every page is a great way to go)
  • I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again.. Add a blog (One that you control on your web domain and where you can 100% control all page content. So stay away from the free blogs…even blogger)
  • Get “Local Inbound Links”! Search engines are using this kind of ranking criteria as an ever-more important element in local search results. So get into “legitimate” local directories in every way you can… Make sure they don’t just list your web site but also link with keywords for services you offer if you can.

OK… so that should be enough for most local businesses to cling to the top of the local search results. Want more success? Get your Google, Yahoo and Bing business listings, run some online display ads and you will have 3 or more places where you show up on the first page of Google… not bad for a small business these days, especially considering that over 65% of buyers look for local resources online (and some say the number is as high as 90% of all buyers use online search for local results).

*Reno SEO Expert. A paid professional who can provide measurable results and demonstrate ROI for promised SEO services and also be able to share success stories for past clients they have worked with.

Reno Businesses Can Dominate Local Search Engine Results (Part 1 of 6)

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Reno SEO Expert* Shares Some Phase 1 “Secrets of Local Google Dominance”

It’s Not That Hard If You Understand a Few Basic SEO Ingredients

In most cities and towns around the world, including business right here in the Reno, Sparks, Tahoe area, the majority of businesses sell to the local customer base. This is of course as it should be because local business success is so vital to any regions economy. So with almost universal use of the internet to gather info about local businesses, it’s time for local businesses to to get savvy about how they can start to “show up” in front of local customers when they are looking to buy.

But it’s pretty clear that most businesses don’t have a clue about how do do this. More often than not, what I hear when I talk to prospective clients that are local Reno and Sparks businesses is the same question over and over:

“How to get to the top of Google… How, oh how, oh how?!” <insert much hand-wringing and sighing>

You have to wonder if there isn’t a straight-forward solution.

The good news is… There is! But first a little factoid for you (Source: Nielsen Online MegaPanel in October 2008):

“Though 63% of consumers and small business owners turn to the internet first for information about local companies and 82% use search engines to do so, only 44% of small businesses have a website and half spend less than 10% of their marketing budget online.”

What you need to know is that getting to the top of Google or Bing (or Bing, or MSN or Yahoo which I think will all one day be one search engine) really isn’t that hard. All it takes is some, Time, Commitment, a little Knowledge, the Right Technology, with a healthy dose of Strategy.

(Stay tuned for Part 2 coming Mar. 5, 2010 with more info about the first of the 5 core elements, Time, Commitment, Knowledge, Technology, Strategy)

*Reno SEO Expert. A paid professional who can provide measurable results and demonstrate ROI for promised SEO services and also be able to share success stories for past clients they have worked with.

Online Marketing Opportunities for Reno Businesses

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Hey Reno Businesses…
Are Your Customers Online?

If so, what are you going to do about it?

Chances are good, your customers are online… what with email, online newspapers and news feeds, hobby sites and online searches for products for services, you can bet that most people and companies are online for part of the day either for pleasure or work.

And if you know who your customers are, and can discover ways to get in front of them, then you can succeed in the local marketing game. Because, marketing IS a Contact Sport.

So if you think you have what it takes, then you too can dive head first into the online advertising world and take advantage of the opportunities that will get you in front of local customers.

Online Marketing Opportunities Here in Reno, Sparks, Truckee Meadows and Lake Tahoe

Here’s my growing list of the local opportunities for online advertising here in the Reno-Tahoe area. And best of all, some of it is Free Advertising, or at the least very low cost. And some of it if managed correctly can be targeted right to your customers

Here are the Free Online Advertising Opportunities here in Reno and the surrounding community:

  1. Craig’s List
  2. Google Business Listing
  3. Bing / MSN Business Listing
  4. (You Have to have something to give away free)
  5. Friends of FreeCycle (You have to be selling things for a very low cost)
  6. Ebay (Selling things locally)
  7. And though not specifically “online” like a web site… think email… if you have customers and they have emails, it’s best to stay in touch so they don’t forget about you.

Low-Cost Reno Advertising Opportunities:

  1. Local Bloggers
  2. Local Retailers (non-competitive offerings)
  3. Local Networking Sites
  4. Local Reno Portal Sites
  5. Local Chamber of Commerce websites (Sparks Chamber, Reno-Sparks Chamber, etc)
  6. Local Online Banner Networks (we can help with this)

Local, Reno Chapter of the American Marketing Association website

  1. Other Local Professional Membership websites
  2. Nevada Women’s Expo
  3. Local Non-profits (You can be a “supporter/sponsor”)

Traditional Paid Online Advertising in the Reno, Sparks area

  1. The RGJ offers various online advertising opportunities on the following sites:
  2. Northern Nevada Business Weekly
  3. Reno News and Review
  4. Yellow Pages Online (Not a big fan of this one)
  5. Local (Reno) Radio and Television Web sites (too many to list)
  7. Tahoe Daily Tribune
  9. Sierra Sun News (Truckee)

Other Paid Online Advertising for GeoTargeted Users here in Reno

  1. Google Adwords (Radius results for Search Queries and local content networks)
  2. AOL Content Network
  3. Facebook Geo-targeted or based on user profiles
  4. Bing/MSN/Yahoo Search and Content Networks

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